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You do not have to suffer with a debilitating anxiety condition because help is available.  A good percentage of my clients present with anxiety/panic disorders and the outcome for them is very good indeed.


Hypnosis combined with cognitive behavior therapy are very powerful tools in helping to overcome anxiety/panic/stress problems.
Hypnotherapy often saves months and months of counselling.  It is a quick way to resolve your problem. Hypnotherapy is a safe, enjoyable treatment.


Many of my clients have said, "I do not know what is wrong with me, I have tried to overcome this feeling, and nothing seems to help". They explain what has been happening to them; usually the symptoms are typical of an anxiety panic disorder.  


There are certain medical conditions that do contribute to feelings of anxiety therefore it is important that clients have a good medical checkup.  However, most clients with anxiety and panic disorders are physically healthy but they often think that the doctor has missed something and that there may be something wrong with them. People with this disorder often visit doctor after doctor, thinking mistakes have been made or not enough tests have been performed, this type of thinking is quite common with anxiety conditions.


If anxiety is treated in the early stages, it need never develop into a severe panic problem.


Some of the symptoms of anxiety/panic related disorders are:  dizziness, feeling faint, feeling of looking through a fog, heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, trembling, perspiring, hot feeling, tightness in the throat, left arm pain, weakness in the legs, there are also many other symptoms. 


Maybe you feel anxious at the thought of driving or going to the supermarket or meeting people or even being alone. However, what you really fear is the attack.  It is the fear of having an attack that causes the attack.  Just think for a moment, if you did not fear the attack, do you think you would have one?


Trying to control the attacks is probably one of the worst things that you can do, once you try to control, you become tense, you keep thinking about it, trying to make it stop.  With cognitive behavior therapy and hypnotherapy you learn to let go, to detach from the thoughts of an attack. This really is the one sure way of overcoming this condition.


Now just imagine, if under hypnosis, you could imagine strolling at your leisure around the supermarket and being very relaxed, if you could visualize yourself enjoying shopping, driving through traffic or meeting people and feeling very at ease, enjoying any activity that would normally cause you anxiety, this would be the beginning of overcoming this condition.


Meditation also helps to overcome this disorder and the type of meditation I will teach you is very easy, it teaches you that you do not have to accept  thoughts that you don't want, you are able to detach from them.  Think how good it would feel to be able to detach from your anxious thoughts.  Detaching from unwanted thoughts can help in many different situations.


Anxiety, Panic, Stress, Hypnosis really helps to overcome a problem that can stop you enjoying your life and living it to the full.