If you would like to know whether hypnotherapy or counselling could help you, please contact me by phone or email  I will be very happy to take the time to discuss your problem with you and to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. You are not obligated to make an appointment.     



Disorders such as Nail Biting or Phobias can usually be resolved within the first session, however problems such as Anger or Anxiety disorders and Self Esteem issues, often need more than one session to resolve deeper issues.   With deep emotional problems I quite often have a counselling session before the hypnotherapy session because I need to target the hypnotherapy to address particular concerns. Relationship Counselling usually needs more than one session.  I will always discuss with you the amount of sessions that you will need.
For Relationship Counselling, I usually see a couple together, although sometimes separate appointments may be needed.
Your hypnosis or counselling session will last from about fifty minutes to ninety minutes.  It is difficult to state, to the minute, how long a session will last because if issues arise and you need more time, I will certainly make that time available for you.



Please phone me to discuss the fee schedule and appointment times.  Fees are payable on the day, in cash or cheque only.  
Saturday morning appointments are available, although they are usually booked out a number of weeks ahead.
Because I usually have clients waiting for appointments, if you wish to cancel or postpone an appointment, I do need twenty four hours notice otherwise a cancellation fee will apply. 


Confidentiality is of paramount importance.  I abide by the ethical standards of the  Associations that I belong to.  I promise that you will receive top quality, professional hypnotherapy or counselling.  I will do my utmost to help you to overcome your problems.



Maureen Grant
Dandenong Counselling & Clinical Hypnosis
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Melways Ref.  Map 91, Ref E11 
Phone   03 9796 4225
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