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Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Nail Biting, Hair Pulling, Insomnia, Depression
Alcohol Addiction Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy is very successful in treating clients with alcohol addiction, provided that they are very motivated to either give up alcohol completely or to cut down on the consumption.  One has to be motivated for hypnotherapy to be effective and the outcome can be very very good indeed.
A few years ago I used to be of the opinion that there are some people who cannot reduce their alcohol consumption and that these people have to give up alcohol completely, however I have worked with a number of clients who had previously found it difficult to reduce their drinking but with hypnotherapy they were able to do so.  I am talking about reducing for ever and not just cutting down for a month or so.
If you are unable to cut down the amount that you drink, then of course, you do have to give it up completely. 
Do you want to give up alcohol completely or do you just want to just reduce the amount of alcohol that you drink?  It is very important that you know what you want before you attend your hypnotherapy session.
Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy
Do you gamble because it fills in time? 
Do you gamble because you are bored?
Is gambling an escape for you?
Is gambling a social event for you?
Does gambling provide some excitment for you?
I ask you these questions because most of my clients who have attended for a gambling addiction have stated that one of the above reasons was what caused them to gamble in the first place.
The majority of gamblers that I have seen have become addicted to the pokies.
Of the many gamblers that I have treated, not one has said that they started off as a gambler.  Nearly everyone has started off with a small amount of money, maybe a few dollars left over from shopping or  maybe they went out to dinner and any change left over they put into the pokies.  Maybe they had an hour or two to spare and they gambled to fill in the time.  Gambling is also an escape from a stress that maybe affecting your life.
You can never win at the pokies, you may win once but you will put all your winnings back into the machines, hoping to win more and more.  You not only lose money when your gambling is out of control, you lose your self respect and there are many gamblers who have lost their families and homes. 
When you give up gambling, your levels of self esteem and self respect rise. You will also find that you have a lot of extra time and I will talk to you about what you are going to do with that time.  You need to replace the gambling with a healthy, enjoyable alternative.  The only time you really win is when you stop gambling.
Depression Hypnosis
Depression is not just a bad mood.  Depression is not having a bad day.  Everyone has off days. Depression is not something you can just snap out of. 
If you have been experiencing depression you may feel that you are lacking motivation or that you do not have any energy.  You feel that you have lost your get up and go.  These are the symptoms of a mild depression but you probably find that you are able to live life as normal, going to work, maybe looking after a family, meeting friends. 
With a more severe type of depression you may find it difficult to even get out of bed in the morning. You will feel depressed all of the time.  You may lose weight.  You could have feelings of worthlessness.  Maybe you are unable to concentrate on anything or find it difficult to make simple decisions.  You may be troubled with thoughts of suicide or death.
Severe depression is a very serious condition and you definitely need help - do not suffer alone with this disorder.
If you have depression, it is very necessary that you visit your doctor before being treated with hypnotherapy.  There are a number of physical conditions that can cause depression and these conditions need to be ruled out.
Hair Pulling Hypnotherapy
The medical name for compulsive hair pulling is trichotillomania.  
People with this condition engage in pulling their hair, mainly on the scalp but it can be on any part of the body. Trichotillomania is very similar to nail biting or picking skin around the nails or even the face.
In the early stages trichotillomania is not really noticeable but when the condition becomes severe it can be very noticeable indeed.  I have seen clients who have had large bare patches on their scalps or they have pulled out their eyelashes or eyebrows and this condition is therefore very distressing for them.
There are many theories put forward about the cause of this condition and it is sometimes linked to stress.
Hypnotherapy and self hypnosis are effective methods for overcoming this disorder.  
The amount of sessions you would need for overcoming trichotillomania vary.  I have seen this condition completely eliminated in one session, whereas other clients many need 2, 3 sessions.
After one session you will probably know if  hypnotherapy will help you.  If your problem is completely eliminated, you would not need another session.  However, if you feel that it is 25% or 50% improved, I would then suggest another session or sessions to completely resolve this problem for you. 
Insomnia Hypnotherapy
If you are a sufferer of long term insomnia you have probably tried all the usual remedies such as making your bedroom a dark room, a quiet room and giving up coffee and alcohol late in the day, therefore I am not going to go on and on about all the usual remedies.  Have you ever thought about foods to induce sleep.  I have found that many sufferers of insomnia have not even thought about food being connected to sleep. 
Foods containing amino acids, tryptophan, induce sleep.  In some cases, if you eat complex carbohydrates and foods containing protein, this will help you to sleep well.
About an hour before bed if you have a snack of diary foods, or a soy based food or beans or some type of meat or poultry, this will help you to sleep. 
Worrying about not sleeping is one sure way of not sleeping.
If you are completely relaxed, you will definitely sleep. 
I have treated clients who had insomnia and during their hypnotherapy session they fell fast asleep.
I have also taught clients self hypnosis to stop nail biting or some other disorder and if they practised their self hypnosis in bed they would fall asleep
One or two sessions of hypnotherapy followed up by self hypnosis is often all that is needed to overcome the problem of insomnia.
Other Habits and Disorders
There are so many different types of habits and disorders that it would be difficult to name them all.
Maybe you just don't feel happy.  Maybe you feel that things are not quite right in your life.  Maybe you feel that something is missing.  If this is the case, I would suggest that you give me a call and discuss what is worrying you.  I may suggest that you make an appointment with me.  If you do come and see me, during your first session, which will probably be a counselling session, I will do a couple of diagnostic assessments, which will often pinpoint what your problem is.  When I know what is causing your unhappiness or problems I can then work out the appropriate hypnosis technique for you.