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Do you have a phobia, or is it just an ordinary fear of something?

  • Is your fear affecting how you live i.e. do you drive the long way to work, through heavy traffic just to avoid driving over a bridge?
  • Does your fear occupy your thoughts most of the time?  Have your thoughts become obsessive?
  • Would you rather suffer agonizing toothache instead of visiting the dentist?

If you react in this way, your fear would be classed as a phobia.


  • If you found driving over bridges slightly uncomfortable.
  • If you occasionally thought about something that frightened you.
  • If you just didn't like going to the dentist.

If you reacted in this way, you would not have a phobia.


If your phobia is disrupting or spoiling your life in any way then it is time to do something about it.  Some phobias are not really disruptive to life.  A phobia of snow is not disruptive to your life if you live in a hot, tropical climate.  A phobia of camels is not disruptive if you live in a country that doesn't have camels.


Your phobia could be the result of a bad past experience.  If a snake bit you, you could then develop a phobia of snakes. Your phobia may be a learnt experience, maybe your mother was terrified of spiders and as a very young child you learnt to fear spiders. I have treated a number of clients who had a phobia of being in the sea or a swimming pool and this was caused by a near drowning experience when young.  I have seen clients who had developed a phobia of dogs, in all cases, at sometime in their lives, they had either been bitten by a dog or a dog had rushed at them.


A fear of flying is a very common phobia. I have treated clients who desperately wanted to visit their families who lived overseas but they were terrified of the plane trip.  After one or two sessions of hypnotherapy they were able to make the trip and have wonderful family reunions. 


Hypnosis is a quick way of treating a phobia. In the majority of cases only one or two sessions are needed.


I have listed just a few common phobias but there are many more.
  • Heights
  • Flying
  • Spiders
  • Needles
  • Birds
  • Driving
  • Dark
  • Death
  • Vomiting
  • Crowds
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Public Speaking
  • Enclosed Spaces
Occasionally a phobia may have originated from a traumatic emotional event, that happened over a long period of time and if so, more than one session would be needed to explore and deal with the cause which can often go back a number of years. There are many methods of treating a phobia when you are under hypnosis.  One such way is regression to the cause of the problem. Regression can be presented in such a way that the client does not feel frightened or threatened.
Perhaps your particular phobia is a fear of heights.  When you are very relaxed in hypnosis, you may visualize yourself on the ground floor of a building, looking out of the window.  The next step you would be at the second floor, still very relaxed.  In fact the higher you go in the building, the more relaxed you become. It is impossible to be so relaxed and anxious at the same time. 
There are many different techniques that can be used in hypnotherapy to deal with phobias, I will use the most suitable technique for you.
You could also reinforce your hypnotherapy session by using self-hypnosis.  I will give you written and verbal instructions on how to use this relaxing therapy.
Hypnosis for phobias is very effective indeed.